Bell Schedule

Tardy Bell = 7:13

1st hour  7:13-8:09  

2nd hour 8:12-9:05

3rd hour 9:08-10:01

4th hour 10:04-10:57

5th hour 11:00-12:20

6th hour 12:23-1:16

7th hour  1:19-2:15

Dismissal: 2:15

Activity Period/Pep-Rallies begin at 1:15

Useful Forms

District Information

  • pupil progression

  • student health

  • online resources

You may sign up for tutoring on sign-up genius.  Once you are on the website, follow the directions below.

1.  Click on the magnifying glass that can be found in the top right corner of the website.

2.  Search by email  : 

and then enter the code you see.

3.  You will see the tutoring options.  Please contact the school if you have any questions.  It will require you to set up an account.  There is no cost in doing this.  



Due to Covid-19 restrictions, students must maintain their mode of transportation throughout the year.  Students will not be allowed to go home with a friend on the bus this school year.

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