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Tutoring Options

Bell Schedule

Tardy Bell = 7:13

1st hour  7:13-8:09  

2nd hour 8:12-9:05

3rd hour 9:08-10:01

4th hour 10:04-10:57

5th hour 11:00-12:20

6th hour 12:23-1:16

7th hour  1:19-2:15

Dismissal: 2:15

Useful Forms

Catch up Cafe.jpg

Run out of time in class and need to finish an assignment? Sick last week and trying to catch up? Need a computer for your work, but don't have one at home? Come visit us in the Catch-Up Cafe! Open every morning before school from 6:40-7:10 in the computer lab.

Activity Period/Pep-Rallies begin at 1:15

District Information

  • pupil progression

  • student health

  • online resources


Students must maintain their mode of transportation throughout the year.  Students will not be allowed to go home with a friend on the bus this school year.

Want to Help supply our Makerspace Classroom? Click on the picture below to see how.

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